Copper Drawer Handle

A rustic-style cupboord door or drawer handle.  This is manufactured from 15mm copper pipe fittings, and is polished and lightly waxed to maintain the finish.  It has a two hole fixing and is available in various standard spacings.


If you are replacing existing non-standard handles we can make bespoke ones with the appropriate spacing.


    These are assembled from 15mm copper pipe fittings with M4 threaded aluminium inserts to ensure the fixing remains solid.

    Some imperfections are to be expected as the pipe fittings are not intended to be architecturally perfect, but we do choose carefully and discard fittings with major or obvious defects.


    Small quantities of these will ship within the UK as a large letter.


    The handles are 60mm longer than the hole-centre width, so 160mm handles are 220mm long.

    The fixings are standard M4 threads which are tapped into aluminium inserts to a depth of approximately 20mm.  You'll need to allow for at least 6mm of thread to make the fixing secure.

    Each handle is supplied with two M4x30mm bolts, which will therefore be good for any fixing between 10mm and 24mm.

    We don't generally recommend making these longer than about 288mm because the copper handle part bends too easily.

Hole spacing

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